Sustainable Design Architect Bellingen

For a Sustainable Design Architect in Bellingen, Consider Pedersen Architecture

As a sustainable design architect in Bellingen, Pedersen Architecture adheres to the NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct. We also stay abreast of all building laws in the areas which we serve. This knowledge ensures that we deliver exceptional service from inception to completion of our design projects.

Why Choose Us as Your Sustainable Design House Architect in Bellingen

The services we offer to those looking for a sustainable house architect in Bellingen are what make us relevant at Pedersen Architects:

  • Fresh ideas & direction: We have been designing for 20 years yet still work hard at keeping our ideas innovative.

  • Personal service: When we design a house for you, our architect James Pedersen will work with you from the first consultation through to the completion of your dwelling.

  • Professional yet informal: Although we deliver a professional service, we remain approachable. This boutique experience ensures that our clients feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

The Importance of Using a Sustainable Architect in Bellingen Lies in Location and Heritage Protection

Bellingen has a lot to offer and making use of a sustainable house architect when building in Bellingen is crucial to help maintain this little bohemian town with its creek and rainforest, lush green countryside and many historical heritage sites.

  • True sustainability: We design for true energy- and spatial efficiency striving for harmony with the surrounding environment.

  • Consultants with integrity: Our connection to consultants in the various fields associated with building environmentally friendly houses, ensures that the integrity of the project is not compromised at any cost.

  • Low maintenance: Although it may be more expensive to build a house designed by a sustainable architect for the Bellingen area, the upkeep and savings on utilities, pay for themselves.

About Pedersen Architects

Our claim to fame lies in a few awards we have received, and we continue building on the knowledge of James Pederson gained over the 20 years in the industry. Being located in Newcastle, we service clients from the Sydney Inner City up the East Coast via the Central Coast to Bellingen and Byron Bay.

We cater to a special niche of clients in the sustainable living market. James will oversee the whole project from start to finish and is adamant about giving you more value for your dollar as he has a passion for economic efficiency. This prudence is the upside of making use of spatial efficiency and use of sustainable items such as solar panels and double glazing. They inevitably pay for themselves.

If you are serious about building a spatially efficient and ecologically sustainable house and are looking for a sustainable design house architect in Bellingen, please give Pedersen Architects a call.