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Partner with North Shore Sydney Architects to Achieve Your Dream

When selecting North Shore Sydney architects to handle a project you have in mind, finding a partner that understands what you want in the end is vitally important. This is the case - even more so - when you desire a home that allows you to live in harmony with the environment by reducing your overall footprint. At Pedersen Architecture, ecologically-sustainable designs for residential homes are our passion and we relish the opportunity to help our partners execute a brilliant design.

The Benefits of Choosing an Architect in North Shore Sydney Such as Pedersen Architecture

With so many potential partners out there, you might ask, why choose us? Answering that question requires looking at only three things — the core benefits of working alongside our architect. You can expect to enjoy access to:

  • A high degree of spatial efficiency. While some seek to build bigger at every opportunity, we prefer to create designs with little to no wasted space. Every part of your home should have a function and should help to contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the space. We know how to do more with less, while still delivering a comfortable, cosy home.

  • Designs that exhibit true economy without detrimental compromise. We understand the need to stick to a budget, and our clients often find we are well-versed in navigating budgeting challenges. Our aforementioned spatial design abilities contribute to this.

  • Computer-aided modelling to assist in creating the most energy efficient space. Using BIM technology, we ensure your design can achieve the energy targets you have in mind.

Why Trust Pedersen Architecture as Your Architect in the North Shore?

While the above aspects of our service are important, the relationships we forge with our clients are more critical. Clear and open lines of communication between client and architect translate to a better design. So why place your faith in our abilities? We have:

  • Years of experience and many successful projects. With over 20 years of industry experience, and a broad portfolio of completed homes, we understand the ‘ins and outs’ of this process. Our experience enables us to avoid common problems.

  • Genuinely personal service from your biggest advocate on the project. We care about our clients deeply — and we'll be 100% behind you throughout the design and build process. You deserve an advocate dedicated to executing your ideas.

  • Deep connections with consultants, builders and other trades necessary for a successful undertaking. When the time comes to break ground and make our design a reality, we know just who to call. Whenever you require additional support on the project, we know where to turn.

About Pedersen Architecture

Providing Sydney with a unique approach to ecologically efficient design for two decades, Pedersen Architecture represents the cutting edge in modern, environmentally-conscious residential homes. From finding ways to add solar panels, rainwater collection and a host of other features, we connect the concerned client with designs that meet their needs fully. Explore our portfolio of completed designs, or get in touch today. We look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you.