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Energy Efficient Architect in Newcastle for Your Eco-Friendly Dwelling

If anything, Greta Thunberg shows what we at Pedersen Architecture, energy efficient architect in Newcastle, have known for a long time. civil disobedience can help to bring on change, but you can also do other things.

Tips Regarding an Eco-Friendly House from an Architect in Newcastle

Designing an eco-friendly building can include so many elements you might risk overlooking some. Let us share just some of the many tips we have for you.

  • Flexibility: When building or renovating a house, people tend to think in blocks of 10 to 20 years. Marriage or cohabitation, children coming, children leaving, and retirement are all milestones. However, the purpose of a room in your house or the entire building can drastically change within months after construction. The supporting structure of your home should stand the test of time and remain flexible, durable and cost little to service.

  • Buy locally: Avoid any unnecessary transportation costs, support social responsibility and stimulate local business. At Pedersen Architecture, we have lists of local manufacturers who think like you and we do.

At Pedersen Architecture, your eco-friendly house architect in Newcastle, we have more tips to share such as recycling, avoiding chemical products, garden layout, paperless design through digitisation, energy-saving, and durability.

Related Services We Provide as Your Eco-Friendly Architect in Newcastle

Our company has gathered nearly twenty years of experience offering:

  • Spatially efficient, ecologically sustainable residential design: we see the possibilities of your house and where additions such as solar panels, double glazing or a water tank offer maximum benefits in terms of both sustainability and financial budget.

  • Undivided attention and control: our small and flexible company ensures maximum flexibility. We focus on you and your wishes. At all times, let those wishes be known. In every phase of the project until construction, specific changes are still possible.

  • Economic efficiency: investing in your home is investing in your future.

  • Trusting Pedersen Architecture regarding energy efficient house architecture in Newcastle means relying on someone who shares your opinions about the climate and who offers you realistic ways to achieve sustainability in your house design.

To find out more about our philosophy of combining liveability with eco-friendliness, do not hesitate to contact us. You're always welcome at our office in Newcastle to discuss how we can make a difference together.