Save Money on Homes with an Energy-Efficient Architect in Bellingen

There’s a myth that using an energy efficient architect in Bellingen with a focus on eco-friendly design may cost more money. The reality is that capable eco-friendly designs ultimately saves money by incorporating innovative design techniques and advanced technology.

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Architectural design is more than drafting plans and modelling a design. We use several means to save you money:

  • Spatial awareness and aesthetic design merge to inform us how best to lay out a home depending on the land and any existing structures. One essential part of this is designing the foundations and walls to tap into the natural thermal stability that the earth provides and will transmit through the ground floor slab.

  • Solar energy is more affordable than ever, and the time it now takes to establish a positive return on investment has significantly decreased. Modern photovoltaic solar panels will be cleverly incorporated into your building design, resulting in significant cost-savings over the time you own the home.

  • Employing the correct proportion, type and design of wall glazing will also save you money. This method works in conjunction with insulation to minimise the impact of exterior temperature during hotter and cooler months

  • The Importance of Eco-Friendly House Architects in Bellingen

Building with the intention of making an eco-friendly home has a tangible impact beyond the generalised benefits of helping the environment.

  • Reducing your carbon footprint at home always correlates with reducing your utility expenditures and other costs to run a household. Between solar power and energy efficient design, you’ll save money in the running costs of the house.

  • We preserve the natural beauty of your land as well. Our construction considers not only the parts of trees that you can see but the root structures, as well. The benefit to this is that an undisturbed landscape will remain stable and will continue to support plant life.

Why You Should Use Pedersen Architecture

Our focused approach to sustainable architecture is evident in all our projects. With the core principle of energy efficient architecture, we ensure it is also financially attractive to our clients. As a small firm, we provide undivided attention to each client from the project’s inception to the final handoff of the newly-constructed building.

Our most significant source of pride is the joy that our work inspires in our clients. More than anything else, that is why we continue to improve every day and learn the latest techniques available to create eco-friendly homes. Contact us to learn how we can put our years of experience to your advantage and help you design the perfect home for you and your family.