Eco-Friendly Architect Byron Bay

Trust an Eco-Friendly Architect in Byron Bay to Design Your New Home

By using an eco-friendly architect in Byron Bay to design your dream home, you are confirming your commitment to our environment. Pedersen Architecture combines beauty and energy efficiency in homes that embrace conservationism and environmental consciousness. An energy-efficient home that conforms to its natural setting embodies how we can all choose to do our part to save the planet for future generations.

What Sets Pedersen Architecture Apart Regarding Your Energy-Efficient House Architect in Byron Bay?

I love working with my clients to design energy-efficient homes that are both beautiful and comfortable, incorporating your existing landscape and lot size. A few benefits:

  • I work alone, so you always have my attention. I work with you from initial design through to completed construction.

  • I listen to your needs regarding space requirements so I can design a home that feels large even if the space you’re working with is small. I incorporate large windows and retractable doors to let in adequate light and airflow, reducing your energy bills.

  • No two designs are the same, though you may incorporate features of some of my existing designs into your own while still maintaining a unique living environment.

My sustainable designs are eye-catching and provide the comfort you need. You and your family will feel like you’re living close to nature while remaining fully protected from the elements.

Why Trust Pedersen Architecture as an Eco-Friendly House Architect in Byron Bay?

As an energy-efficient architect in Byron Bay, I am devoted to designs that complement nature while providing comfort for you and your family.

  • I use recycled materials in my designs to save natural resources wherever possible. The use of reclaimed materials offers cost benefits as well since new materials cost more and deplete natural resources.

  • I incorporate solar panels and double-glazed windows for energy efficiency. I use thermal mass and insulation to your advantage to create a home that maintains a consistent temperature for your comfort.

  • I use rainwater tanks barrels to collect rainwater for use in clothes washing, toilets, and gardening, thereby reducing your water bill. I can also incorporate a purification system that allows you to safely drink collected rainwater.

Why Pedersen Architecture is Cost Effective

While the initial costs for sustainable architecture can be higher than conventional building designs, you will fully experience the cost-saving and energy-efficient benefits the longer you enjoy your new home.

I incorporate the use of thermal energy to heat and cool your home and prefer to use double-glazed windows to maintain indoor temperatures and allow in an abundance of light, so you’ll only need to turn on the lights at dusk. I ensure that north-facing windows and doors are covered with an overhang that minimises the hot summer sun from overheating those rooms, and I’ll aim to work with the topography of the land to design a home with a smaller footprint, leaving as much as possible of the natural landscape untouched for you to enjoy.

Contact me for more information on how I can design an eco-friendly home that meets all your needs and saves energy.