Eco-Friendly House Architect Central Coast

Eco-Friendly House Architects on the Central Coast for Houses worth Preserving

An eco-friendly house architect on the Central Coast will design a house which has low energy needs and is environmentally friendly. Using as many natural resources as possible, an eco-friendly house reduces the amount of heat and energy a house owner would need to generate. Being resource friendly ensures the carbon footprint of the house is as small as possible.

What Sets Us Apart as an Energy Efficient Architect on the Central Coast?

We have a passion for getting you more value per dollar in the long run:

  • Economic efficiency: We achieve this by the clever use of space and using sustainable items such as solar panels, and double glazing. It may be more expensive at the onset of building an eco-friendly house, but it enables you to pay less for utility usage every month, these energy saving methods pay for themselves over time.

  • Knowledge: We have 20 years of extensive exposure to the field of designing energy efficient architectural structures, and now service the Central Coast too. We have gained vast knowledge from the many eco -friendly houses we have built over the years. Understanding the area we are building in, is crucial to the design. We need to consider factors such as climate as it has a direct effect on the design of the house. We also consider the lay of the land, paths and views to determine the best orientation for the house.

  • A team of consultants and builders: We have excellent connections to various consultants and builders often required on a project such as building eco-friendly houses. This network results in the integrity of the project remaining authentic throughout.

We ensure that you receive the best possible value for your money by being actively involved in the project from start to finish.

Benefits of Using Eco Friendly Architects on the Central Coast

Pedersen Architecture takes a professional approach to ensure you get what you want.

  • Personal attention and supervision: James Pedersen is the director and owner of Pedersen Architecture and will personally oversee the entire project. This hands-on approach will ensure that you have peace of mind that there is trustworthy involvement each step of the way.

  • True eco-friendly designs: We are committed to genuine eco-friendly designs which are energy sufficient and spatially efficient. We make use of rainwater harvesting, double glazing, solar panels, and natural ventilation.

  • Translate client’s passion: We enjoy working with clients who are serious about building an eco-friendly house.

Pedersen Architects are waiting for you to contact us if you are also serious about building a truly eco-friendly house.