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Experience the Benefits of an Innovative and Personal Architect in Sydney

Pedersen Architecture is an established architect in Sydney that focuses on applying eco-friendly principles to minimise both cost and impact on the environment.

The Importance of Using an Eco-Friendly Architect in Sydney

One of the things that we’ve learned about eco-friendly architecture is that it leads to an innovative mindset that improves building design in several ways:

  • Strong Foundations – Many of our buildings are built on land that has vibrant plant life, including trees. Root structures are crucial to avoid soil erosion (for this, you need look no further than the effect of deforestation on soil quality), which in turn maintains structural integrity.

  • Natural Heating – We construct buildings to take advantage of available natural resources. The earth has stable year round temperature and our designs tap into this natural source thermal stability through the foundation and walls, resulting in a home that has reduced heating and cooling costs.

  • Optimised Lighting – Humans are happier and more fulfilled when we have natural light. Therefore, our structures seek to maximise lighting through windows while minimising summer heat gain through the inclusion of overhanging roofs.

Tips for Getting More Value from a North Shore Architect in Sydney

We never lose sight of the budget; we strive to ensure that eco-friendly architecture is also economically-friendly.

  • We reduce construction costs through smart and efficient use of space, minimising wasteful corridors in favour of devoting space to the rooms throughout the house.

  • Your lifetime utility costs will also be reduced based on our designs. During the winter, the sun will help to heat your home; during the summer, breezes will help to keep the interior cool. Year round, photovoltaic solar panels will offset your home’s electric bills.

  • Walls are among the most important considerations for home cost efficiency. We ensure that your walls are thoroughly insulated and apply multiple areas of glazing in the right balance. This application enables us to maintain an attractive appearance while also leveraging the sun’s heat during the winter and repelling it during the summer.

Why You Should Use Pedersen Architecture

We’ve been designing eco-friendly and innovative homes for 15 years. James Pedersen views each project with respect and seeks to find ways to express the individual client in the design. With undivided attention and control over the project, he communicates clearly with you to establish expectations about your home and discover what your needs are.

Our passion for sustainability challenged us to discover creative ways to resolve problems that didn’t rely on conventional wisdom. Rather than compromising on our ideals or the beauty of design, we always strive to develop a new response that ultimately saves money, trouble, and environmental impact. Contact us to learn more about our architectural design philosophy and how we can help you design the home suited perfectly to you.